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Practising yoga & mindfulness from an early age gives children a toolkit for life to help them cope with the fast-paced, achievement-based society we live in. I love to teach and feel blessed to have the opportunity to spread a little peace and happiness to those I spend time with.


These are trying times, but
 incorporating mindful practices into
 the daily routine can help calm any
 anxieties and also build healthy
 coping skills.

In addition, it provides a non-competitive environment for

children in which they can develop
 self-expression, focus and resilience.
 The themed classes are a mixture of
storytelling, songs, games, breathing 
& meditation.



  • Breathing exercises develop concentration and help children to feel calm

  • Yoga poses develop healthy body awareness, coordination and self-esteem

  • Nature-based poses develop children’s creativity and connection to the natural world (and to themselves)

  • Mindfulness helps children to learn to self-regulate their emotions and to become confident and resilient

Class information

I teach weekly yoga classes in a beautiful space, Yoga Junction in Crouch End for all primary school ages. These classes are limited to twelve children.

I also teach specific mindfulness classes in and out of schools in North London.

During the lockdowns, I migrated my classes to online, and continue to offer these as well as one-to-one sessions both online & face-to-face. 


I am qualified to teach children with autism & other special needs.


About me


Hi...I'm Tabassum :)


My two young children have been the inspiration and driving force behind my training to teach yoga.


I started practicing yoga over 20 years ago and have completed the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation course and the Yoga Alliance certified Children’s Yoga Tree Teacher Training. I'm hugely grateful to Tara Fraser, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Paul Grilley who have inspired and enriched my learning over the years.


I teach yoga and mindfulness breakfast and lunchtime clubs at local schools in North London as well as after school classes at Yoga Junction in Crouch End. My themed classes are taught mindfully with music, breathing exercises, games and relaxation

What people say...


Neve loves working with the small group to learn really useful techniques for dealing with her worries and anxiety.


Tabassum’s intuitive and inate ability to connect with the children is incredibly inspiring and the reason why kids love learning yoga and benefit so much from it.


Tabassum has given my kids the best life skill - yoga, mindfulness and confidence. 

Tabassum is a great teacher and made every session different and fun.


We did partner work and individual poses.


I learned so much about how to use breathing and different stretches to relax my body and mind. 


I would recommend this class to anyone.

Tabassum is a warm, wonderful person and amazing teacher who has an engaging and adaptable teaching style (even via zoom).


Our family went through a very difficult time and Phaedra learnt soothing and calming techniques (she even taught them to us!).


Tabassum instilled in her a love of yoga, which will hopefully be a life long companion to her helping her keeping both her mind and body healthy!





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